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  • Energy Saving
  • Extremely Long Life
  • Long Warranty
  • Recyclable

Here are the ways that choosing Energy Star compliant roofing will benefit both you and the environment.

Reduce smog and ozone levels.

The “Heat Island Effect” (caused when dark surfaces, including roofs, absorb solar energy) has been negatively affecting urban areas by causing temperature increases of as much as 12°, and by raising both smog and ozone levels.
COOLR® reverses this effect by reflecting solar energy before it turns into heat. This release of energy lowers the overall temperature in the space above the building and therefore causes a reduction in the “Heat Island Effect.”

Save energy. Save money.

The same phenomenon that causes the “Heat Island Effect” can cause a significant increase in energy bills as well.
Roofing materials that absorb, rather than reflect heat, cause the temperature inside of the attached structure to rise. Higher indoor temperatures mean that there is a greater need for air conditioning – and higher air conditioning costs.
And, there’s a secondary and compounding factor, as well. Higher outdoor temperatures mean that air conditioning units have to work harder to get the air they release to become cool – resulting once again in a cost increase.

COOLR® combats energy costs in the same way that it reduces smog and ozone levels. When solar energy is reflected before it turns into heat, buildings stay cooler inside as well as out. Operating costs are therefore lowered as the running time for A/C decreases and as the amount of energy needed to produce the cool air is reduced.

Additionally, once the overall “Heat Island Effect” is reversed and cooling becomes a manageable process, building owners can benefit by investing in smaller, more efficient air conditioning equipment. The smaller equipment will run more efficiently and cost less to purchase – again reducing overall energy expenditures.

Create less waste.

Not only is COOLR® energy efficient roofing metal made of recycled content, it is 100% recyclable at the end of its use. Consequentially, when you choose COOLR® you are indirectly preserving the earth’s natural resources, saving energy, reducing pollution, conserving landfill space and creating jobs.

Made of Material That Has Recycled Content and Is Recyclable.

• Environmentally friendly energy efficient roofing metal, typically having a minimum recycled content of 25%.
• 100% recyclable at the end of a long, useful life.